Pre-focused Reflector for 175mm/7" QH 250w Spotlights

PN422, Powa Beam
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Pre-Focused Reflector for Powa Beam 175mm / 7" QH 250w Spotlights. Ideal if you want to refresh your light with a new adjustable focus system.

The reflector itself is designed to fit both new style HID and QH bulbs. The bulbs are now fitted in the back of the reflector so you no longer have to remove your glass and risk damaging your spotlight. You can now focus your spotlight easier by simply winding the bulb base at the back to get the right beam.

This reflector includes the adjustable focus bulb holder, 24V, 250W Osram Vertical Filament Bulb, and 3mm Glass Lens, plus has been pre-focused so you don't have to mess around with the finnicy details yourself.

The reflector itself is similar to our original style, however the base hole is larger and it includes a collar to thread the new style bulb holder onto it.

NOTE: If you have purchased your light prior to August 2018 we suggest you consider a Pre-focused reflector as you will need the new bulb holder setup aswell.

Components Include:

  • 175mm Powa Beam QH Spotlight Reflector
  • 24V, 250W Osram Vertical Filament Bulb
  • Adjustable Focus Bulb Holder
  • 3mm Glass lens

Spotlight Size:
175mm (7")
Spotlight Bulb Type:

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