How to Remove Reflector for Spotlights

Step 1: Locate the joint in the Plastic Tube that contains the Retaining Ring, and lift up the left hand side as shown, then pull out the Retaining Ring. (The join in the Plastic Tube is always located just above the Handle in the six o’clock position)

Step 2: With the Retaining Ring removed, place your fingers on the Glass as shown, and then tap the edge of the Spotlight on a hard surface to dislodge the Reflector from the Housing.

Step 3: Find the Join in the Rubber that surrounds the Glass Lens and peel it back until you can lift the Lens out of the Reflector.  Care must be taken at this point to keep your fingers off the Reflector surface. If you do touch it, then leave the mark alone. Trying to clean it off will damage the Reflector surface.

Step 4: Change the globe and focus as per separate instruction sheet.

Step 5: Fit the Rubber Sleeve back around the edge of the Glass Lens and put it back into the Reflector.

Step 6: Place the Reflector back into the Spotlight Housing, making sure the Filament of the Globe is Horizontal to the bottom of the Spotlight (6 o’clock).

Step 7:Re-fit the Retaining Ring into the Housing. Do this by placing the end of the Ring that is solid in first, the other end of the ring is cut short in the tubing. Use this as a handle and compress the Ring a little so that it fits into the groove around the Reflector.

Step 8:Using your finger tips, squeeze the Ring in tightly to hold it all in place.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT TOUCH THE REFLECTOR - This will cause permanent damage
Powa beam ReflectorPowa beam ReflectorPowa beam Reflector