Restricted Items Info

Australian weapons and prohibited items laws vary by State and we inderstand it is sometimes hard to interpret/decipher. We have put together a quick reference guide for you below. Please note this info is only a summary of our interpretation and current at time of writing. We suggest you are completely familiar with your State weapons regulation before purchasing.

Gel Blasters

  • Prohibited - NSW
  • Permit required - SA
  • Not specifically prohibited, however imitation or replica firearms are, which may apply to some gel blasters. Your discretion is advised - VIC, ACT, TAS, WA & NT


Slingshots & Pocket Shots

  • Commercially Made Slingshots - These are prohibited in NSW, VIC, WA, NT and classed as a "dangerous article" in SA. Most regulations do not define exactly what a slingshot is however NSW does, "being a device with a Y shaped frame". This means the Pocket Shot is not classified as a slingshot in NSW.
  • Pocket Shot - These are prohibited in VIC, WA, NT and classed as a "dangerous article" in SA.
  • Pocket Hammer - These are prohibited in NSW, VIC, WA, NT and classed as a "dangerous article" in SA. 
  • Slingshot Bands - These are prohibited in the NT.



  •  Dagger Blades - Prohibited in SA. Also VIC, ACT if it can be concealed- Generally includes any double sided blade.


Throwing Knives

  •  Throwing Blades - Prohibited in VIC, ACT & SA. "Throwing blade", being a knife or axe of any material that is designed or modified to be thrown.



  •  Sword - Prohibited in VIC - "Being a thrusting, striking or cutting weapon with a long blade....."


Zombie Blades

  • Zombie Knife - Prohibited in NSW (No this is not a joke!) - To be defined as a "Zombie Knife" in NSW it must have 2 edges, one of which must be or include serrations. It also must include words or images that incite violence again humans or fictional characters (Again, we are not kidding!).




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