Xenon HID Spotlights

 What is HID?

HID lights don't use a conventional filament; instead they use xenon gas that is initiated by the firing of an intense electrical current.

What are the Advantages of HID?

Improved durability as road vibrations can cause damage to coil lighting technologies.

The higher colour temperate more closely reflects that of natural daylight and improves both light intensity / reflection and light distribution, for earlier recognition of animals, people and objects. 

Longer Service Life. A HID lamp will last, on the average, at least 5 times longer than a halogen bulb. In practical terms the life span of the bulb is equal to that of the car, so the bulb should only need replacing in exceptional circumstances.

Low power consumption. The standard 35w HID system produces on average 4.5 times the amount of light however  it only uses approx. 3.0amps , compared to a standard 100w halogen which uses approx. 8amps.