Spotlight FAQ's

Q. Does my spotlight connect straight to the battery or do I need a relay & fuse?

You can hook the spotlight up directly to the battery or for extra protection we recommend using a 15A fuse.


Q. My remote is brand new and makes a squeaking noise, can I lubricate it?

If remote squeaks when turned left or right it is generally the rubber boot rubbing on the top shaft. You can stop this by a placing a small amount of Inox or WD40 at the top lip of the rubber boot where it meets the shaft.

The washers are made to be self lubricating therefore should not need additional oiling. 

If your remote is still squeaking, try a very small amount of Inox or WD40 at the top of the ball joint. Please note too much may cause the ball shaft to slip, therefore reducing its ability to hold tension.


Q. Can I adjust the Beam Type of my spotlight?

All of our spotlights are hand focused in our warehouse to produce the optimum spot for light output and distance. You can adjust your bulb position slightly to change the beam type however this will reduce the beam distance and may also produce black spots.


Q. How do I replace my spotlight bulb?

Please follow our instructions on how to replace you spotlight bulb on the links below:


Can I convert my QH spotlight to HID?

We do not recommend converting your existing QH light to HID. The only parts that are compatible is the outer case and bracket/handle. You will be looking at spending 3/4 price of a brand new HID to convert it. Self-conversions/modifications are also NOT covered by Powa Beam warranty.