Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener

U-1982314, Bubba
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Check out the Bubba Ultra Knife Sharpener, it includes two Locking Positions at 19 and 26 Degree Sharpening Angles; When in locked position the case will stick to any surface for ultimate security.

Includes 180 Grit Stone; Ideal for Blade Reshape or Correction & 400 Grit Stone; Ideal for Sharp Long-Lasting Edge - Side Fish Hook Sharpener


  • Compact Sheath Storage 
  • Locked-in Sharpening Position 
  • 400 Grit Stone ( Sharp Long-Lasting Edge )
  • 180 Grit Stone ( Ideal for Blade Reshape or Correction )
  • 19 Degree Angle ( Ideal For Fine Carving / Filleting )
  • 26 Degree Angle ( Ideal For Durable Knife Edge )
  • Non-Slip Grip Base 
  • Fish Hook Sharpener 


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