Cool Xenon HID Spotlight Bulb - 6000K (Post-Aug 2018)

Powa Beam , PN2/HI - 6000K
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PN2/HI - 6000K
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Our replacement Xenon HID Bulb is a 6000K Colour Temperature globe that suits our Powa Beam Xenon HID Spotlights.

6000K Colour temperature. The lower the colour temperature number means the more yellow the light beam will appear. 4300K is closer to the colour of a Halogen light beam, and 6000K is closer to a pure white colour.

Our HID Bulbs are designed for spotlights Post-August 2018 (Adjustable Focus Spotlights). If you're replacing a bulb from a HID Spotlight Pre-August 2018 you may want to consider updating to an easy-focus system.

The bulb itself is glued into the adjustable bulb holder, which fits into the back of your reflector so you no longer have to remove your glass and risk damaging your spotlight when you need to change or focus your bulb. You can now focus your spotlight easier by simply winding the bulb base at the back to get the right beam.

**Bulbs are available in different wattages, you must choose the bulb that matches the internal ballast of your spotlight**

For spotlights purchased Pre-August 2018 (easy adjustable focus models) you can click here for the correct bulbs.

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