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Virtual-Shot enables a gun owner to attach their phone to their weapon (both real firearms and gel blasters) and turn it into a shooting simulator. Virtual-Shot was initially designed as a training system for soldiers and now it offers a new way for gun owners to enjoy using their guns at home without ammo and without spending thousands on laser-based virtual shooting systems. It features customisable scenes with adjustable targets, mini games and also video lessons.


  • Picatinny rail mounted adapter
  • Ballistically accurate shooting range
  • Automatically detects dry fire
  • Tracks the rifles movement enabling realistic shooting practice
  • Customisable scenes, mini games & video lessons
  • Adjustable target distance, moving speed & wind conditions
  • Advanced shot analytics
  • Practice hunting skills with a variety of scenarios
  • Realistic environment with real bullet drop and wind effects
  • Works for both left and right handed shooters
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones manufactured from 2019 onward and capable of running AR Core (for android) or AR Kit for iOS. It will hold phones with a width of up to 77mm so you might have to remove bulky phone cases.
  • Recommended for use with snap caps for rimfire rifles


  • Hunting practice
  • Mini games with built in high score leaderboards
  • Arcade style levels with virtual style enemy that shoots back
  • Zombie levels, as no shooting game would be complete without one
  • Shooting video courses


The Virtual Shot founding team comprises Australian Army veterans with backgrounds in the Infantry, Special Forces and Sniper teams. Together they have over 50 years of military experience and have had multiple deployments to places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.


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[Retailer Pricing Only]
Spotlight Size: 145mm, 175mm (7"), 245mm (9"), 285mm (11")
[Retailer Pricing Only]
Spotlight Size: 145mm, 175mm (7"), 245mm (9")


[Retailer Pricing Only]
Spotlight Size: 145mm, 175mm (7"), 245mm (9"), 285mm (11")
[Retailer Pricing Only]
Spotlight Size: 145mm, 175mm (7"), 245mm (9")