Button Retractable Honeycomb Grip Beard Comb w Glassbreaker

Tac-Force, K-TF-CB003
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Keep this handy compact hair or beard comb in your glove box or travel pack to keep you looking neat on the go.


  • 3cr13 steel comb
  • Zinc alloy
  • Black Honecomb grip handle
  • 127mm Steel Comb
  • Glassbreaker tip
  • 216mm Approx Overall Length 

Benefits of a Beard Comb:

  • By combing beard regularly you can train your beard to grow in the desired direction and style
  • You can comb out dirt or food particles to keep your beard looking clean & tidy
  • A beard comb can help distribute your beard oil more evenly
  • More portable than a brush

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