Real Avid AR15 Field Guide

Real Avid, AV-AR15R
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The AR15 Field Guide puts critical maintenance instruction in a compact, chemical resistant format. Loaded with easy-to-understand illustrations, it shows you how to disassemble the rifle for thorough carbon scraping and cleaning. It illustrates critical lubrication points to prevent common AR15 malfunctions.

Specifications and Features:

  • Step-by-step and color coded instructions 
  • Detailed scraping instructions 
  • Oil and Solvent Resistant Pages
  • AR15 Quick Reference Field Guide

Real Avid create the ultimate gun care tools, designed smart, specialized, highly effective and will rid your guns of carbon and fouling faster, easier and better than most. They build multi-tools for guns from the ground up to ensure each is laser focused on keeping firearms performing in the field as if your life depended on them.


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