Folding Remote Fitting Instructions

After unpacking the Remote Control Handle, remove the large nut, washer and Rubber Boot from the top of the unit. Then unscrew the Tension Ring all the way so that you can slide the top sections of the Housing up over the top of the Ball Joint. Remove the four Cap Screws that join the two parts.

Next step is to choose a suitable location and cut the hole in the roof (see notes on other side of page).  We recommend that you seek the opinion of a qualified panel beater regarding the most suitable location for the remote. Be aware of reinforcing ribs, wiring, air conditioning ducts, linings, padding etc on the inside of the roof.

You will need a 2 ¼”dia. hole saw to cut the hole. When this is done, place the Housing Top in the hole, and use this as the jig to drill the four 5mm dia.smaller holes. Easiest way is to drill one hole, place the cap screw in, then drill the opposite hole, put the screw in and continue on.

All padding should be removed from inside the cabin where the hole is, so that the Housing Base is actually touching the metal of the roof. You may be able to leave some there, but generally it is best removed.

Place the Rubber Gasket provided, underneath the Housing Top, put the four Cap Screws in place, then from the inside, hold the Housing in place while someone on the outside does up the Cap Screws.

Now make sure the Black Ball Joint Washers are seated in place, one goes in to the Top Housing and the other into the base of the Tension Ring (Large knurled ring with male thread).

Put the Ball Joint into the Housing and do up the Tension Ring.

Fit the switch to the handle and from the accessory pack, fit the cable with the two connectors on to the switch. Run one of the wires at the other end of this piece, up through the slot on the side of the Ball Joint, and poke it out the top. Now get the single piece of wire and run it up the same way. You should now have two wires coming out the top of the Ball Joint, and two wires below this, which are used to connect to the positive and negative supply of you vehicle. (Doesn’t matter which colour you use)

 Now slide the Rubber Boot over the top of the wires and fit the top of the Boot under the small flange on the neck of the Ball Joint. It is a good idea at this point to put a dab of Silicone on top where the wires come out, to prevent moisture from coming inside.

Bolt the Spotlight on using the M12 Nylok nut provided. Now connect the wires to the Spotlight using the connectors supplied. Make sure that when you attach the Spotlight, that you have the Handle set up with the Switch nearest to the driver’s side door, and the other end of the Handle pointing towards the passenger side. With the Handle in this position, the Spotlight must be attached facing towards the front of the vehicle. The reason for this is that the wires are designed to exit (inside) from the Ball Joint, on the same side as the switch. When you tilt the Handle it is usually in a forward/back (up/down) direction, and when set up as specified, you will not get any chafing of the wires, on the side of the Housing.

Your Handle is now ready for use, using the large knurled ring to adjust tension on the Ball, and the Lock Ring you do up tight against the base of the Housing, to prevent the Tension Ring from coming loose. The Handle can also be folded up after use. Simply unscrew the knurled Collar just above the top of the A frame handle, screw it down until you can pivot the handle up 90 degrees, then tighten up the collar again, to lock it in place. You might find that some of the parts are a little stiff at first to unscrew, but this will go away after a few uses. A light spray of lubricant occasionally on the threads will keep it working smoothly.


2 ¼” HOLE SAW  (56.5mm)                            5mm DRILL BIT

SPANNER FOR 12mm NUT                             5mm ALLEN KEY

NOTE: May not be suitable for installation in all vehicles. Powa Beam will not be liable for any damage caused through the installation and/or use of this product.