Motorola Motion & Light Sensing Headlamp 3xAAA

Motorola, M-MHC250
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Our MHC250 Motion and Light Sensing Headlamp is a high-performance durable headlamp. This product is designed to provide you with the best possible functionality. The Luxeon TX White LED technology is geared for optimum effectiveness and high efficiency.

Sensor Modes:

Motion Sensor turns headlamp on and off with a wave of your hand. Hands-free makes it suitable for outdoor activities like fishing, climbing and working.

Light Sensor automatically adjusts brightness to surrounding light conditions.


  • Luxeon TX White LED – Up to 250 Lumens
  • Multi-mode Operation
    • Manual Modes
    • Motion Sensor Mode
    • Light Sensor Mode
  • Light Sensor Operation Adjusts Brightness Instantly and Automatically Responding to Environment
  • Motion Sensor Operation Allows You to Turn Headlamp On or Off with a Wave of your Hand
  • BlueRed LED Indicator on Switch Shows Stand-By Status of Sensor Modes
    • Blue for Light Sensor
    • Red for Motion Sensor
  • Innovative Diffusing Beam Effect on Red Rear Light Enhances Safety Indication in Cool Way
  • LED Indicator Shows Battery Capacity Status
  • 3x Brightness Levels (High, Medium, Low)
  • Slim Compact Design, at 200g Weight only
  • Operate with 3xAAA Batteries (included)
  • Free Projection Angle
  • IPX6

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