100ft ParaTinder - Retail Box/6

UST, U-00043-PDQ6
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The UST 100ft ParaTinder 6ct contains 6 hanks of amazing innovative emergency preparedness. It combines heavy-duty 550 paracord with life-saving fire tinder integrated into the cord for the ultimate gear duo, and the addition of a single tinder thread allows this paracord to pull double duty.

  • 100ft (30.5m) of Combined Paracord & Fire Tinder
  • Igniting: Expose red core thread and light with any firestarter
  • Can create bracelets, zipper pulls, handle wraps, and lanyards for emergency situations
  • Can use inner threads for sewing thread, sutures, fishing line, and more
  • Trim when needed and seal paracord edges with match to prevent unravelling

For 80 years and four generations, UST Brands has provided reliable, affordable problem-solving gear for survival situations and emergency preparedness.

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